Latest FED Moves: Why Comment?

The chain of articles about the FED never got off the ground as the FED is not doing much.

No matter what the latest news, until the base interest rates hit 2%, economic disaster lurks in every shadow.

Herbalife: One More Time Through the Muck

Maybe it was October Horror Season that possessed me to write about Herbalife again.

The full article is over at Seeking Alpha: Herbalife What Matters

You can easily ignore the company section. Herbalife commenters tend to go emotional crazy in at a head spinning around level. You would have to spend to much time sifting  through 200+ comments to find the 10 or so that make any sense.

I am not even going to expand on the article here beyond a brief summation of my opinion of Herbalife ( HLF) .

  1. Not a company that interests me as an investment. Though call options are tempting.
  2. None of their products interest me.
  3. The business opportunity does not interest me.
  4. I don’t love MLM but I don’t think Herbalife is a scam.
  5. I don’t believe that the FTC will take any action against the company.

The battle of the hedge fund titans does remind me the the time has come to put a stake through the heart of the carried interest tax loophole.


Lending Club Post LC

Going to start writing more for Seeking Alpha and will post snippets here with a link over to SA for the full article.

Lending Club is Ready to Beat the Market


  • Now that the hype is gone, Lending Club in poised for growth.
  • $11 billion in loan origination and growing fast.
  • Marketing for borrowers could use some improvement but will not hinder profitability.

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha

Savers Got Screwed

Couldn’t bring myself to comment after the last Fed meeting.  It is so sad to see high level economists fail.

As long as they support a borrowing culture that screws savers, there can be no solid economic recovery. It will all be built on quicksand.  In danger of toppling at the slightest ripple.

Take care of savers and a strong foundation will be built for a longer and steadier expansion.

Raise Our Interest Rates

Please Janet,


These low interest rates are getting ridiculous. Massive subsidization of borrowers at the expense of savers. It has to stop.

A slow steady increase from ZERO to a rate that comes close to matching inflation would be a good for the economy and should not have a negative impact on the economy. Any business enterprise that can’t stand the increased interest rate was not viable to begin with.

OHHH!!! The market will PLUMMET!!

Look back at Quantitative Easing. QE was phased out slowly over a number of months. Despite the gloom and doom predicted for stock prices, the end of QE lead to market increases.

Why? Because the government was backing off from the artificial manipulation of the market. QE had stabilized the monetary markets and done its job. Time to go.

The same is now true of artificially low interest rates. Time to go.

Excess borrowing and avarice on the part of borrowers and lenders lead to the crash. Savers got left holding the bag.

The time has come for savers to get their fair share. The economy won’t die.

Sure the stock market won’t skyrocket but is there any reason to expect it to rise more than 5%?

Sure mortgage rates will go up and probably slow down home price appreciation. Is there any reason to expect increases of more than 5% per annum?

Slightly higher interest rates would bring back a sense of normalcy and strengthen the economy.

Speculative profit in the next quarter won’t be as great. Long-term, ten year profit, should be greater and stability assured. Stability leads to peace of mind.

Peace of mind leads to profit.

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