Raise Our Interest Rates

Please Janet,


These low interest rates are getting ridiculous. Massive subsidization of borrowers at the expense of savers. It has to stop.

A slow steady increase from ZERO to a rate that comes close to matching inflation would be a good for the economy and should not have a negative impact on the economy. Any business enterprise that can’t stand the increased interest rate was not viable to begin with.

OHHH!!! The market will PLUMMET!!

Look back at Quantitative Easing. QE was phased out slowly over a number of months. Despite the gloom and doom predicted for stock prices, the end of QE lead to market increases.

Why? Because the government was backing off from the artificial manipulation of the market. QE had stabilized the monetary markets and done its job. Time to go.

The same is now true of artificially low interest rates. Time to go.

Excess borrowing and avarice on the part of borrowers and lenders lead to the crash. Savers got left holding the bag.

The time has come for savers to get their fair share. The economy won’t die.

Sure the stock market won’t skyrocket but is there any reason to expect it to rise more than 5%?

Sure mortgage rates will go up and probably slow down home price appreciation. Is there any reason to expect increases of more than 5% per annum?

Slightly higher interest rates would bring back a sense of normalcy and strengthen the economy.

Speculative profit in the next quarter won’t be as great. Long-term, ten year profit, should be greater and stability assured. Stability leads to peace of mind.

Peace of mind leads to profit.